Full Force Speak On ‘House Party’ & The Infamous ‘I Smell P***y’ Line w/VladTV

Full Force Speak On 'House Party' & The Infamous 'I Smell P***y' Line w/VladTV

The legendary group Full Force sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss the early point of their careers, dating back to co-writing “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow as well as writing for Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. Full Force details the impact of the music they wrote for other artists and the bidding war that ensued by major labels afterwards.

They reveal the interesting connection they have to Russell Simmons and Def Jam, stating they were apart of the package that Def Jam originally shopped around to larger companies. Full Force also discussed the release of “New Jack Swing” and how they originated the sound that super-producer Teddy Riley would later popularize.

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