Footage Of Chicago Students Threatening Teacher Goes Public
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Footage Of Chicago Students Threatening Teacher Goes Public

This ain’t nothing that I ain’t seen before as shit like this was going down when I was in grade school. And with that said, the following footage below is just another display of what I’ve seen through my own eyes.

In what looks like 2011 cell phone footage at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, students are giving the teacher, referred to as Mrs. Cox, a hard time to the point of threatening to beat her ass with a desk as well as a bag of M&Ms. It doesn’t help the situation that instead of telling this particular student to pump his brakes, they just gas his ego up so he could keep the madness going.

If you ask me, today’s kids need the belt to their ass as it would help put a lot of them back in line. But in the days of reality TV, social media, & music as well as parents leaving the media to raise their kids, there seems to be no change in sight.

You can give this disturbing footage a watch below…

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