Florida Woman Audrey Nicole Francisquini Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Posing As Student To Get Kids To Follow Her On Instagram

Florida Woman Audrey Nicole Francisquini Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Posing As Student To Get Kids To Follow Her On Instagram

A Miami Beach woman has been charged and ordered to stay away from a local high school after police say she trespassed the school and pretended to be a student.

According to police, it all started when 28-year-old Audrey Nicole Francisquini, a Carnival Cruise Line employee who works in sales, entered American Senior High School in Miami on Monday.

That is when security confronted Francisquini, but she portrayed herself to security as a student, and stated that she was looking for the registration office.

However, instead of walking to the office, she walked straight past it down a hallway, confronting multiple students as they were trying to enter a classroom.

Upon this confrontation, she allegedly stopped them from entering said classroom, preventing them from entering for class.

That is when school security confronted her for a second time. This time, she refused to stop for school security entirely — and security notified the school administration of a potential threat on school campus.

Once Francisquini witnessed the number of school officials who began surrounding her, she began walking towards an exit door and out onto the faculty parking lot, which ultimately lead her towards the street. When police began yelling commands at her to stop, she ignored them and walked off the school property.

Later on, police analyzed surveillance footage and came to the conclusion that the entire incident had been pre-planned by Francisquini.

Footage showed that she not only dressed up like a student on purpose, but as she was preventing the students from entering the classroom, she was simultaneously handing them pre-printed pamphlets with her social media username (or handle) on the flyers.

Once officials were able to locate her though her social media page and driver’s license, she was arrested at her Miami Beach home on Monday, May 10, and taken into custody without incident with the assistance of North Miami Beach Police.

According to police, when they began telling her which charges were being filed against her, she told them she wanted to show them a video she had recorded on her cellphone while at the school during the incident.

Police say the video correlates exactly with their report.

As of Tuesday afternoon, she has been ordered to stay away from the high school. She appeared at a bond hearing, Tuesday morning.

Francisquini has been charged on three counts: one for burglary of an occupied dwelling with a bond of $15,000, one for trespassing an educational institution/interference with a bond of $500, and one for resisting an officer without violence to his person with a bond of $1,000.

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