Florida Substitute Teacher Heather Carpenter Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Florida Substitute Teacher Heather Carpenter Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A Sarasota County substitute teacher is accused of sabotaging a children's birthday party by smearing human fecal matter on picnic tables and benches.

The way Sarasota County deputies explain it, Heather Carpenter has a beef with the way the principal at Phillippi Shores Elementary School handled a complaint.

So she decided to get back at her by ruining a kid's birthday party at a nearby park.

Brand new picnic tables and benches are installed in the pavilion at Urfer Family Park.

Back on Dec. 1, Michael Hutchinson noticed a woman with a mask and gloves on. He thought she was with park maintenance.

"Once I got over here, I could smell it instantly and I knew she was vandalizing it," said Hutchinson.

Deputies arrested Heather Carpenter, a substitute teacher at Phillippi.

"You could see fecal matter on the ground, and just the smell of urine, it was really, you could really smell it," said Hutchinson.

Later that Saturday, students from Phillippi Shores, including Carpenter's own child, and the principal, Dr. Allison Foster, were supposed to celebrate a birthday.

"She would pour it out of a cup and then just would wipe it on table. It was like a mixture of urine and feces," said Hutchinson.

He said Carpenter took off in her minivan.

With her minivan in the driveway, 8 On Your Side stopped by Carpenter's home. Nobody answered.

Parents at the park are baffled somebody would do this.

"She should be stuck cleaning bathrooms for quite a while. Give her a chance to really get up close and personal," said Roy Baldwin.

A Sarasota School District Spokeswoman said Carpenter cannot teach or volunteer while an active law enforcement investigation is underway.

It cost the county $2,300 to replace the picnic tables.

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