Florida Man Xavier “Pee Wee” Hearns Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Florida Man Xavier "Pee Wee" Hearns Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A Florida man named Xavier “Pee Wee” Hearns has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for exposing himself and masturbating in public.

It’s time for another episode of “Donkey Of The Day: Florida Edition”!!!

Case in point, the Donkey in question happens to be a Port Charlotte man named Xavier “Pee Wee” Hearns.

Hearns went to his local Target, Walmart, and Burlington stores exposing himself to multiple shoppers and later masturbating in front of them.

Hearns has since been arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs.

He is currently sitting in the Charlotte County jail without bond at the time of this post.

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As Fridays on The Breakfast Club are also the days for their Freaky Friday segment, today’s Donkey Of The Day has inspired another discussion for said segment titled “Ladies… Do You Prefer A Smaller PeePee?”.

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