Florida Man Paul Turovsky Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Calling Sex Worker On His Honeymoon

Florida Man Paul Turovsky Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Calling Sex Worker On His Honeymoon

Florida man Paul Turovsky has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for calling a sex worker on his honeymoon.

Today's Donkey Of The Day is a perfect example of how the fuckeryship knows no bounds LOL.

34-year-old business manager Paul Turovsky of Fort Myers, Florida got married not too long ago.

Good news, right?

But unfortunately, it was bad news for Turovsky's wife (whoever she might be) since she had picked the wrong time to fall asleep on their honeymoon as he (Turovsky) used that opportunity to go meet up with a prostitute he met via an online ad.

Little did he know, shit wasn't going to go the way Turovsky planned as the online ad he answered was created by an undercover female detective posing as a prostitute.

As a result, Turovsky was one of over 176 people (who were soliciting a combination of adult prostitutes as well as underage victims) arrested as he ended up becoming part of a months-long operation targeting human trafficking because of his actions.

Charlamagne Tha God took the time out to share his thoughts on the situation and you can hear what was said below…

This particular Donkey Of The Day also serves as an inspiration for yet another discussion from The Breakfast Club, focusing on if women would end their marriages if their husband had cheated during their honeymoon, which you can give a listen below…

Potential marriage partners cheating at bachelor parties is nothing new but cheating during honeymoons (and nines times out of ten, this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened) is something else.

VannDigital doesn't condone cheating in any circumstances.

But if that's what you want to do, we'd advise you to work smarter, not reckless.


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