Florida Man Eric Popper Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Road Rage Shooting

Florida Man Eric Popper Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Road Rage Shooting

Wild dashcam footage has emerged of the moment a Florida man opened fire on another driver during a heated road-rage shooting in the middle of a busy interstate.

Eric Popper, 30, was arrested over the June 2021 ordeal on I-95 in Miami after authorities said he fired nearly a dozen shots at the passing motorist.

The chilling video from Popper’s own dashcam showed him shooting through his own windshield as he aimed for the other driver.

Investigators said the ordeal unfolded when Popper, who was driving his black Toyota Venza, abruptly cut off the other driver as he changed lanes in the morning rush hour.

The dashcam video shows Popper glancing in his rear-view mirror and shouting “Fuck off” as the other driver honked his horn.

Popper then allegedly slammed on his brakes as the driver started tailgating him and making hand gestures out the window, authorities said.

As he continued to look into his rear-view and side mirrors, Popper could be seen reaching into his center console and pulling out his handgun.

The video shows Popper aiming his gun at his passenger door and then opening fire seconds later when the other driver drove past.

Popper’s lawyer, Robert Gershman, told the outlet that his client believes he was shot at first — and he was only defending himself.

“On the video, you can hear and see the other driver shoot his car,” Gershman said. “Upon hearing the sound, Mr. Popper then shoots back in self-defense, pulls over and calls 911.”

Authorities said the other driver threw a water bottle at Popper’s car as he passed.

Both Popper and the other driver pulled over immediately after the incident and called 911. They were both allowed to leave the scene at the time.

The other driver’s car was riddled with bullet holes, according to authorities.

Popper, who voluntarily handed over his dashcam to authorities after the incident, was arrested a month later.

He was bonded out of the Miami-Dade County jail and is facing two felony charges, including aggravated assault with a firearm and firing a deadly missile.

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