Florida Keys [Full Documentary]

Florida Keys [Full Documentary]

Yachts, strip clubs, parties, beaches, oranges, and hot summer nights. This is what comes to mind when people think of Florida. But there is a shadow cast in the Sunshine state. Florida Keys is the follow-up to the underground hood classic, Murda Capital, in which hip-hop artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, K.Gates, aka The Wave, plunges into the violent underbelly of one of America’s most notorious party cities: New Orleans.

Now, armed only with a van and a camera, The Wave treks through Florida’s biggest cities, showing the world the treachery, the strife that lies beyond the sandy beaches. Aided in his journey by rappers from each city, including Rick Ross, Iceberg, Gunplay, and many others who use their gift of music to cry out the anguish of the inner city.

Dealers, crackheads, gang members and the children who live with them struggle to survive. The Wave begins his journey right off the Interstate-10 highway in Panama City, visiting the projects where rapper Blood Raw grew up then goes all the way down until he reaches the illustrious Florida Keys.

From young Nigerians in Tampa fighting for a place in the hip-hop scene. To the Jacksonville streets, Florida’s biggest city, in size and murder count. In Ocala he gets up close and personal with the TRAP. Men weighing drugs over the stove while kids cling to their legs.

In Orlando, aspiring artists despair as no one looks outside the pearly walls of Disneyworld to see that their city is crumbling. Finally, The Wave crashes down on the Sunshine State’s most infamous city: Miami, the cocaine capital of the nation, the land brought to America’s movie theaters and TV sets by Tony Montana, the ruthless drug lord of Scarface.

With the help of rapper Rick Ross and MMG’s artist, The Wave the bipolarity of Miami and Miami Beach, from the strip clubs to Club Liv to Little Haiti and Little Havana. No matter what city, Florida Keys offers a thrilling and chilling portrait unlike any other.

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