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The town of Flint, Michigan, a miniscule point on the map, recently drew national attention through documentary film maker Michael Moore. Moore, a Flint native, wrote and directed the documentary Roger and Me about the darker side of capitalism and General Motors. Omar McGee, another Flint native, picks up where Moore left off with Flint Town Kids, a documentary showing the African American dark side of Flint. Flint is predominantly populated by African Americans who migrated from the south after Reconstruction. Flint can be viewed as a microcosm of America's poverty stricken urban areas. Once abandoned by General Motors, Flint became one of the poorest urban areas in the country. Flint Town Kids captures the bleak setting in which these Flint natives exist. It powerfully examines the hardships, the sufferings, mishaps and sacrifices made in order to persist in this town. Flint Town Kids highlights the frightening education system in Flint where schools are designed to produce basketball players only.

On the other hand, students who are non basketball players are left with mediocre excuses for classrooms while adjusting to the lack of libraries needed to empower young minds. The documentary takes a very close look at children who bare the armor of strength in trying to escape Flint. Flint's has been successful in producing a legacy of basketball players ranging from playground hopefuls to the pros. The film highlights current and former NBA players such as Morris Peterson (Toronto Raptors), Eddie Robinson (Chicago Bulls), Trent Tucker and Glen Rice as well as Tracy McGrady (Houston Rockets) LeBron James, (Cleveland Caveliers), Jason Richardson (Golden State Warriors) Chucky Atkins (Boston Celtics) and Jonathan Bender (Indiana Pacers) who have achieved the dream of making it to the pros. For those who are not as fortunate to escape the nightmarish lifestyle that Flint brings, they embark on survival methods such as drugs and violence. Flint Town Kids brings to light the little faith left in the system.

Children raising kids and kids age ten killing each other is just an everyday part of life in Flint. The documentary will depict those shocking scenes in the lives of children who are left with no choice but to make adult decisions in a world where only the fittest survive. For many adults the consuming goal of overcoming poverty lies in making cocaine. Flint Town Kids graphically explores this process which seems to have become the saving grace for many in a town that presents scarce positive outcomes for the future. Flint Town Kids will leave audiences outraged and enthralled with the African American lifestyle in an area that once presented promise only miles from the Motor City.