Flash of N.B.S. & Bluntz Drop ‘Bluntz With Flash’ EP + “Wednesday Afternoon” Video

Flash of N.B.S. & Bluntz Drop 'Bluntz With Flash' EP + "Wednesday Afternoon" Video

Flash of N.B.S and upcoming producer Bluntz release their collaborative effort, the 7-track EP ‘Bluntz With Flash’.

As the title suggests, ‘Bluntz With Flash’ was entirely produced by Bluntz, which gives the EP a uniform sound.

Flash and Bluntz form a perfect combination of hard bars and head-nod inducing beats.

Bluntz’ production is dark and gritty, and always fresh, a fitting soundtrack for Flash’s forceful voice, that keeps a grip on the listeners’ ear.

The Boston-born, Cambridge-raised MC, who is one half of (the local turned international success group) N.B.S. aka Natural Born Spitters.

Flash is known for coining a new genre of Hip Hop called ‘Melodic Music’.

With producer Bluntz also being a Cambridge native, coming from the same neighbourhood as Flash, it’s no surprise that ‘Bluntz With Flash’ is such a symbiotic work of art.

With his strong, steady rhymes, Flash of N.B.S. continues to prove he’s not to be slept on and that his name deserves to be mentioned when we speak of the resurrection of gritty street rap.

Refusing to pander to radio or follow dictates of mainstream rap, Flash safeguards his integrity, carrying the sound of 90’s hardcore.

The EP features guest rapper Mass Mike on “El Negro” and, hailing from Switzerland, Flash’s long-standing SwissVets partner DJ Tray of the Snowgoons DJs, providing cuts on “Bronze Swordsman”.

Flash and Bluntz have also released visuals for the EP’s first single “Wednesday Afternoon”.

One of the highlights of the EP, the song features an eery, hard-hitting instrumental.

Fitting the sinister soundscape, Flash takes us to a cemetery, which further implements one message: “I’m bodying shit”.

Both the EP and video for “Wednesday Afternoon” are a perfect introduction to Flash and Bluntz, who will be sure to stay on your radar.

Flash of N.B.S. and Bluntz’ ‘Bluntz With Flash’ EP is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs.