Fekky’s CC Foundation, C Bleu, & Timeless Group Team Up For The 4th Annual Turkey Drive

Fekky's CC Foundation, C Bleu, & Timeless Group Team Up For The 4th Annual Turkey Drive

Fekky’s CC Foundation teams up with C Bleu and Timeless Group for the 4th annual turkey drive.

The CC Foundation’s #CCTURKEY23 initiative receives a significant boost with the backing of prominent sponsors, C Bleu Trading and Timeless Group.

This heartwarming campaign is set to embark on a two-day journey across the UK, spreading joy and providing essential holiday meals to communities in need on December 22nd and 23rd.

The primary aim of #CCTURKEY23 remains unchanged: to provide essential holiday meals to families and individuals facing challenges during this festive season.

The initiative offers not only turkeys but also vegan alternatives, catering to diverse dietary preferences and ensuring that everyone can enjoy a hearty meal during the holidays.

Thanks to the generous support of C Bleu Trading and Timeless Group, the initiative has already secured 1500 turkeys.

However, continued assistance is vital to achieving the ambitious target.

C Bleu Trading, specializing in high-end residential refurbishments, and Timeless Group, committed to data-driven construction excellence, have stepped up as sponsors, demonstrating their dedication to community welfare and support for this meaningful cause.

CC Foundation has been a beacon of hope, having successfully supplied over 10,000 turkeys and vegan alternatives across the UK in the past three years.

Fekky's CC Foundation, C Bleu, & Timeless Group Team Up For The 4th Annual Turkey Drive

This year, their goal is to continue this tradition and surpass previous milestones by aiming to deliver 5000 turkeys to communities in need.

Key figures and supporters, including renowned personalities such as Ed Sheeran, Raheem Sterling, Skepta, Judi Love, and Anthony Joshua, have pledged their support to this meaningful cause.

Their contributions, both financial and through raising awareness, have played a pivotal role in the initiative’s success.

To participate in this incredible cause, individuals and organizations are encouraged to donate via the official CC Foundation website.

Donations can be made for a custom amount, allowing everyone to contribute according to their capacity.

A donation as little as £20 can provide a turkey or vegan alternatives to those in need, making a significant difference in someone’s holiday season.

Join us in spreading the warmth of the season and making a tangible difference in the lives of families across the UK.

Follow #CCTURKEY23 on social media to stay updated on the tour’s progress and witness the impact of your generosity.