Father & Daughter In Brownsville Rape Case Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Dropping Charges

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In January, five Brownsville teens were accused of gang raping an 18-year-old girl who was already having sex with her biological father in a park. One of the assailants had video footage of an incoherent conversation with the girl where they supposedly received her consent. The teens however, were charged with one count of rape, two counts of criminal sex act, and one count of sex abuse.

Initially a judge released the teens from jail as the prosecution readied it’s case for the grand jury. All charges have now been dropped. After giving authorities various, inconsistent accounts of what happened that evening, the victim has recanted her statement and refused to file incest charges against her father.

“That night, this young woman’s father and the five young men engaged in conduct that was reprehensible and wrong, but because of the lack of reliable evidence, criminal charges simply cannot be sustained,” Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said in a statement.

Thompson also added, “It is my fervent hope that this young woman gets all the support that she needs going forward. My office, including our victim advocates who have been working with this young woman, stand ready to provide her with any assistance she may need.”

As a result, Charlamagne Tha God awards both the father & daughter the honor of Donkey Of The Day and you can hear what he has to say on this situation below...