Fat Beats Records Releases Emile Vincent’s (@EVMSoulBrotha) ‘All N My Head’ Album

Emile Vincent - All N My Head [Album Artwork]

Emile Vincent Manette is a member of Detroit Hip Hop collective, Clear Soul Forces – formed back in 2007. Describing his sound as a clash between lyrical Soul, Hip Hop and “whatever else I want,” Emile is as versatile as they come on the microphone. With influences rooted in his West Indian heritage, and Hip Hop, Emile embodies everything that can be considered “good music.”

To kick the new year off, Emile offers up his latest album, as distributed by Fat Beats Records. With influences rooted in both Reggae (from his West Indian heritage), and Hip Hop, “All N My Head” takes us into the mind of an artist who has drawn inspiration from his eclectic background.