F.Y.I. (@FYIpsalms) feat. Kaye Fox (@ItsKayeFox) – These The Times (Don't Judge) [MP3]

F.Y.I. - ameriBLACKKK [Project Artwork]

The LA rapper provides the antidote to the ills of the everyday struggle. Whether you're in a classroom, working a 9-5 or chasing your dreams, this song is the theme music.

F.Y.I. - ameriBLACKKK [Promo Artwork]

The track is produced by Sir Jon Lee, features the soulful Kaye Fox (of J.Cole's 'For Your Eyez Only'), & horn player Ryck Jane. This shall sets the tone for his highly promising new project 'ameriBLACKKK' out 5.19.2017!!!