Everybody That Fell For Fox News Host Laura Ingraham’s Trolling Of Viewers With ‘You’ Slip Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Everybody That Fell For Fox News Host Laura Ingraham's Trolling Of Viewers With 'You' Slip Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A video of Fox News host Laura Ingraham getting confused about a reference to the hit Netflix show You has gone viral… but it turns out, it was all ‘totally scripted.’

During a segment on The Ingraham Angle, guest Raymond Arroyo, 51, was discussing ‘woke storylines’ when he mentioned how the topic of measles arose on the show You.

In the clip, Ingraham mistook the title of the series for herself, and the resulting exchange lit up Twitter and even caught the attention of You star Penn Badgley.

But Arroyo later took to Twitter to confirm the moment was a ‘bit’, adding: ‘We were worried it wouldn’t work via satellite. But glad it landed. Totally scripted!’

For nearly a minute, Ingraham insisted she had never discussed the measles on her program while Arroyo attempted to clarify he was actually referring to the Netflix show.

‘You know I was watching an episode of You where measles came up,’ Arroyo began.

Ingraham then insisted she thought ‘You’ was a reference to her own show.

‘Wait, wait, wait, when did I mention measles?’ Ingraham asked, flummoxed.

‘I don’t know, it was on You,’ Arroyo continued.

‘What was on me?’ Laura said with some confused laughter. ‘What are you talking about?… I never had the measles!’

‘The measles and the vaccine episode was on You,’ Arroyo attempted to clarify.

‘We never did a measles vaccine episode. Is this a joke?’

Arroyo insisted: ‘It was on You! It was on You!’

‘I’ve never had… Raymond, I’ve never had measles. What are you talking about? This is stupid!’

‘It was an episode of a show, Laura,’ Arroyo continued.

‘What’s it called?’ Laura asked.

‘YOU! YOU! It’s called You!’ Arroyo exclaimed.

Yet Laura was insistent: ‘I’ve never done a show on measles. I just completely give up!… I give up.’

Finally Arroyo mentions the platform which You airs on: ‘It’s a show called You on Netflix.’

Despite the clarification, Ingraham continues: ‘There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix. What are you talking about?’

Arroyo throws in the towel: ‘Never mind, I’m moving on to Adele. I can’t explain this to you.’

Penn Badgley was among the many tweeting about the segment, however he believed the exchange was staged.

‘Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho,’ he tweeted.

Andy Richter was not amused: ‘The fact that people are actually laughing at that Laura Ingraham thing makes me feel like I’ve wasted the last 35 years of my life,’ he tweeted.

Comedian Jenny Johnson remarked: ‘This might just be the worst version of ‘Who’s On First’ I’ve ever seen.

Actor Taran Killam also was not buying it either: ‘Not. Real. NOT. Real,’ the How I Met Your Mother actor said in response to Jenny’s post.

Nick Adams, who describes himself as a ‘best selling author endorsed by President Trump’ in his Twitter bio, defended the segment and insisted the whole thing was a ‘bit’.

‘Laura Ingraham was doing a bit like “Who’s On First” on Fox News last night and the Democrat trolls on Twitter are too dumb to figure it out,’ he tweeted.

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