Ethan Couch, The "Affluenza" Teen, Gets 2 Years In Prison
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Ethan Couch, The “Affluenza” Teen, Gets 2 Years In Prison

Ethan Couch, who earlier this year was at the center of an international manhunt after he jumped probation, will spend the next two years of his life behind bars.

According to ABC News:

Couch who allegedly violated the terms of his probation from a deadly 2013 drunken-driving case by missing a court-mandated check-in, was sentenced to 180 days in jail for each of the four charges he faces.

The jail time is set to be served consecutively, meaning he will be in jail for 720 days, which would be 10 days shy of a full two years. But the judge did note that the time frame could change.

Judge Wayne Salvant determined that Couch, once released, will not be able to consume alcohol, or leave Tarrant County without his permission.

In December, the “Affluenza” teen and his mother were apprehended in Mexico. He was transferred to the United States and arrived back in Texas on 1.28.2016!!!