Esports Legend Ninja On Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls'

Esports Legend Ninja On Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls'

This week's episode of Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud features esports legend Ninja. In the episode, Ninja dishes on how he fangirled over Drake following him on Instagram and DM'ing him to play Fortnite — revealing the rapper cancelled on him a few times at the last minute before messaging him one night out of the blue with "I'm on, let's go".

Ninja goes on to share that Drake is "one of the best celebs" he has played with and talks about how Travis Scott mixed up bandages for bandaids in Fortnite, which he really got a kick out of.

Episode Highlights include:

  • Ninja revealing that when Drake followed him on Instagram, he jumped up and down in a circle, holding hands with his wife for 15 minutes.
  • Ninja revealing he is a major shit talker on the esports field and has received many technicals at tournaments for his mouth.
  • Ninja calling Kevin out for not following him on Instagram.
  • Ninja shares that there are two main ways to make money in the gaming world.
  • Ninja dishes that the reason he moved from Twitch to Microsoft Mixer wasn't a money play, but rather because it was a better opportunity to grow the brand.

New episodes of Cold As Balls are scheduled to air each Tuesday on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel. Upcoming guests include Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, NBA Spurs star DeMar DeRozan, former WWE champions the Bella Twins, and more.