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"The Ghost and The Negro - Episodes 1-3 [HD]"

Synopsis: Sydney Smith is a religious skeptic struggling to keep his family’s Afrocentric bookstore afloat. When Hattie, a wandering self-proclaimed ghost hunter, visits the bookstore searching for tales of the supernatural, Sydney soon finds himself the primary suspect for a rash of bizarre murders linked to his store. To prove his innocence he’s forced to join Hattie on an investigation that takes them beyond the realm of the living.

Playlist: Episodes 1-3

Starring: Demise Harp, Daniela Cobb, Michael Snead, Faith Bruner, Josh Carples, Jamila Turner
Writer/s: Sylvester K. Folks
Director: Sylvester K. Folks

Release Date: June 1, 2016
Copyright: © 2016 ElyJunior Productions