EP: Syntax (@SyntaxIsADummy) » Dialog Diagnostic Mix

EP: Syntax (@SyntaxIsADummy) » Dialog Diagnostic Mix

After years of developing his craft through various group projects, solo mixtapes, & relentless freestyling, Brooklyn's Syntax is ready to relinquish his unfettered story through the long-overdue debut release 'Dialog'a'Rhythmic' which set to release worldwide on August 30th, 2013 via new label imprint, Cocoon Movements.

Before the full length, Syntax is releasing this pre-cursor mix 'Dialog Diagnostic' mixed by DJ Afar, which features unreleased gems + some snippets from 'Dialog'a'Rhythmic' including collaborations with L.I.F.E. Long, Elohem Star, Man Danno, & Syntone.

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You can pre-order the album 'Dialog'a'Rhythmic' via iTunes, Bandcamp, Access Hip Hop, Amazon, or UGHH!!!

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