EP: Stream & Download 'Van Damme!' By @VanJamme
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EP: Stream & Download ‘Van Damme!’ By @VanJamme

Brief Bio:
Van Jamme is an artist from Los Angeles attending The University Of Arizona & plans to graduate in May 2015. As an artist, Van Jamme is working to break the molds of sound & art by making music that is all of him & all for the people. Making art to change the lives of listeners is what Van Jamme hopes to do to be successful.

Project Info:
This project ‘Van Damme!’ is a compilation of tracks that resembles Van Jamme’s view of his world at 21 in college. There is music for everyone on this project & it’s also a piece of work that shows listeners the work Van Jamme has been putting in, will continue to put out, & where he plans to be in the future. At the end of this tape, fans should be saying “VAN DAMME!”

Connect With Van Jamme:
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