EP: Stream & Download ‘Forty Oz In Eden’ By @HiriiTheHuman

EP: Stream & Download 'Forty Oz In Eden' By @HiriiTheHuman 2

HiriiTheHuman releases a 3-track PrEP titled ‘Forty Oz In Eden’ before his upcoming EP ‘PoiZEN’ which is 1/3 of the Chemical Ape (MF Skum, Lord Cream, HiriiTheHuman) trilogy album ‘Triune’.

Forty Oz In Eden‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Don’t Touch That
  2. 40 oz In Eden
  3. Your New Home
  4. Sayonara (End Credits) [Bonus Track]

HiriiTheHuman (2014 Press) [Poster Artwork]

*“40 oz In Eden” uses “The Garden” by @TheInternet. “Sayonara (End Credits)” uses “Sayonara” by Kaycee Jones & Cult 33 by HiriiTheHuman!!!