EP: '#RosesAndKarma' By @_RogueDynamo

EP: '#RosesAndKarma' By @_RogueDynamo 1

Rogue Dynamo challenges perceptions of the ATL sound with 'Roses & Karma'

'Roses & Karma', the newly released EP from ATL’s own Rogue Dynamo, is all about maintaining balance in a world full of constant changes and evolving challenges.

The album serves as a Karmatic journey with Hip Hop’s very own anti-heroine navigating the voyage. Love, betrayal, relationships, and the hunger to obtain greatness despite the odds, fuel the eight-track odyssey known as 'Roses & Karma'.

Led by the hit indie single "On My Own", and including production from Rogue and a talented group of others, the album showcases another facet of Atlanta-based Hip Hop.

With its melodic production and darker elements, mixed with indie-pop and alternative flavors, 'Roses & Karma' sheds new light on the Atlanta music scene. Listeners of multiple genres can immediately find something identifiable in an album that aims outside the box and still remains faithfully true to Hip Hop.

Rogue Dynamo: 'Roses And Karma' EP (Tracklisting) [Poster Artwork]

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