EP: @RomeCee – Independence Day

EP: @RomeCee - Independence Day

'Independence Day' is a three-piece set released the week of the same holiday & also an independent release. Although all of the songs are produced by one Baltimore, MD producer E. Hill, each track has a diverse sound & topic.

'Independence Day' Tracklisting:

  1. Ready 4 Me [Produced by E. Hill]: "Ready 4 Me" is a bold statement of independence from an artist to fans letting them know just what to expect & asking them if they are prepared.
  2. Insomniaks [Produced by E. Hill]: "Insomniaks" is a street-tale dealing with people being outwitted & underestimated by sleeping on one another.
  3. Magic Trick [Produced by E. Hill]: "Magic Trick" is a song that deals with one learning magic by taking shortcuts in life & eventually learning how to improve by using magic to live in the present moment.

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