EP: ‘The #RoadToTheMack’ By @JRAndPH7 x Chuuwee (@El_Ch3z)

JR & PH7 X Chuuwee: 'The Road To The Mack' EP (Cover)

‘The Road To The Mack’ is a free 4-track compilation EP featuring previous collaborative tracks by JR & PH7 X Chuuwee from the past couple years. These 4 tracks are a warm up to the first full-collab album ‘The South Sac Mack’ by JR & PH7 X Chuuwee.

JR & PH7 X Chuuwee: 'The South Sac Mack' Album (Cover)

JR & PH7 and Chuuwee are pleased to announce news of their collaborative LP, ‘The South Sac Mack’. The project brings the German production duo together with the Sacremento spitter for 17 breezy tracks that epitomize the sound of the new West. ‘The South Sac Mack’ will give listeners a street level perspective of Sactown, and will be available on all formats on March 24, 2015, from Below System Records.

The South Sac Mack‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Begin The Mack (Intro)
  2. Meadowview Morning (featuring Bueno & Sean LaMarr)
  3. Powder Inn
  4. Florin Light Rail
  5. Regional Transit
  6. DueYuu (featuring Blu)
  7. James Rutter (Swim Center)
  8. Lime Lights
  9. Florin High Flirt
  10. Riverside Ransom
  11. Hide & Seek (featuring St3wart KooL)
  12. Lonely In Land Park
  13. Meanwhile Off Mack
  14. What We Started
  15. South Sac Get The Money
  16. Greenhaven Blues
  17. Save The Last Dance (For Someone Who Cares)

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CD (Digipack): Below System Records | | | Kudos Records
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