EP: ‘#LongStoryShort’ By Q Major (@QMajor_SC)

EP: '#LongStoryShort' By Q Major (@QMajor_SC)

Q Major is now finished his newest EP, titled ‘Long Story Short’, and you can give it a listen below. On this project, you will hear familiar singles such as “Sanity” & “Boom Bap & Nigga Naps“.

This EP will travel through Q Major’s current life, giving his fans the inside scoop on his everyday life. You will have to keep up & take notes while you travel through past & present events, that have occurred & shaped Q Major’s career.

Alsom be on the look out for a large amount of visuals to keep the fans @ the edge of their seat. So hope you brought a lot of pen & paper because Q Major will show you how to make a ‘#LongStoryShort’.

Long Story Short‘ [EP]:

Letter To Nipsey” [New Single]: