EP: King K.O.N.G. (@TheKONG89) & Teck-Zilla (@ProjektCancer) » #KongZilla

EP: King K.O.N.G. (@TheKONG89) & Teck-Zilla (@ProjektCancer) » #KongZilla

King Kong and Godzilla: two of the most famous, yet misunderstood, movie monsters of our time. While the two behemoths may have squared off against each other in the past, their combined efforts could have led them to defeat the government and rule the world. But what if their was a hybrid beast–one that had the animalistic nature of the Skull Island ape and the terrifying command of the Toho reptile??? King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla, two equally talented beasts on the mic and on the beats, respectively, have teamed up to destroy all those who stand in their path. Their united talents have led to ‘KongZilla’, the 9-track onslaught that’ll decimate any wack rappers in their path.

The EP brings together the best raps of the Long Island emcee, coupled with the Nigerian-born beatsmith. Sonically, the project serves up a series of fresh tracks that show the inner workings of the very monster they’ve become. With joints like the hard-hitting, “The Bringer” and the introspective, gloomy jam “Break Of Day”, we get a full understanding of our antiheroes. So whether you’ve already been introduced to the duo, or have just tuned in, King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla’s ‘KongZilla’ is now available for free download… you’ve been warned!!!

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