EP: @iampizzaboy - no tip necessary.

EP: @iampizzaboy - no tip necessary.

The internet is indeed a weird place. With the hundreds of submissions that my personal email gets, you'd be surprised at the type of music that comes in. Now while most of the music is horrible trash low quality garbage trap music, within the piles of trash are the gems that keep me alive.

The email I received that sparked my interest literally told me no information other then to check the music. I decided to check it out and damn...IT'S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD MUSIC.

Everyone I'd like to introduce the artist known as pizza boy. Here is his EP called no tip necessary. (pause if needed) Inside this EP you will find a bunch of different sounds and music that really collectively come together to give a personaified sound. The only hint of information that is given is his twitter (@iampizzaboy) and this

"i've spent two and a half years dying in a dorm room. this is the result.

download: iampizzaboy.bandcamp.com/album/no-tip-necessary

lyrics: genius.com/albums/Pizza-boy/No-tip-necessary


Good luck and I hope you enjoy.