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EP: dFresh (@deFreshco) – Fresh Gordon

Fresh (excuse the pun) on the heels of his recently released LP ‘Universal Laws, Chapter 1‘, Delaware’s own dFresh releases a surprise concept EP, ‘Fresh Gordon‘, inspired by the iconic comic book character & “Savior Of The UniverseFlash Gordon. The free to stream EP is fully sampled from Queen’s soundtrack, taken from the cult-classic 80’s movie.

All production on “Fresh Gordon” is skillfully crafted by the Delaware duo The Hit List (Zachary ‘Zak Morris’ Kerstetter & Gregory ‘The Author’ Durrette II) & dFresh. The First State native emcee/producer seamlessly infuses lyrics from some of his real life events with the movie samples, which combines that new brand of Hip-Hop with the vintage sound we’ve been accustomed to in the past…as dFresh incarnates himself as Fresh Gordon/Flash Gordon.