Empressive Tells T-Pain’s Music Story

Empressive Tells T-Pain’s Music Story

Empressive tells T-Pain’s music story which focuses on how the industry shunned him as well as his beefs with Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Future, and Usher.

Here are the topics Empressive covers in detail:

  • T-Pain beginning with Nappy Headz and signing with Akon
  • T-Pain and Auto-Tune
  • T-Pain’s solo success
  • T-Pain collaborations and impact
  • T-Pain inspires Kanye West ‘808s & Heartbreak’ album
  • T-Pain’s failed collaboration with Michael Jackson and Usher
  • Jay-Z vs. T-Pain
  • Usher disses T-Pain
  • The industry turns on T-Pain
  • T-Pain’s fall out with DJ Khaled and beef with Future
  • T-pain’s downfall and label issues
  • T-Pain’s viral moment
  • T-Pain vs Akon
  • T-Pain’s comeback and going independent

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