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Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson (@EmanHudson @PhillnMyself) – Duke & Juke: My Dead Cousin

In what looks to be a comedic spin on “America’s Dumbest Criminals” (which was & still is my favorite show) from the criminal’s point-of-view, comedian brothers Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson bring to The DigiSpot a new web series titled “Duke & Juke“. Duke (Emmanuel Hudson) & Juke (Phillip Hudson) happen to be the most incompetent thieves who are obsessed with robbing anyone & everything, if it benefits them.

Keeping in mind that Duke & Juke are the dumbest thieves known to man, their stupidity causes them to make the dumbest mistakes which always end in the most drastic consequences for the duo. You can give the first episode of “Duke & Juke“, “My Dead Cousin“, a watch below…