El’Vee Drop ‘U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)’ EP

El’Vee Drop 'U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)' EP

British Nigerian sister duo El’Vee unveil Afrobeats ‘U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)’ EP and mini-documentary plus share the official music video for their “I Don’t Wanna” single.

Journeying back to the October release of their Afrobeat’s single “Jealousy”, the Nigerian sisters El’Vee (Lilian and Vivian) have been gearing supporters up for their highly anticipated EP named, ‘U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)’ alongside lead single “I Don’t Wanna”.

Having already set the tone with pre-released single, “Jealousy”, a vibrant Afrobeat’s drop that’s enriched with their Southwestern Nigerian culture, ‘U.A.R’ follows in similar steps. Encapsulating their mesmerizing essence in the opening track “Need You”, the hypnotizing production, slick lyricism, and silky melodies sit center stage throughout. Exploring further into the percussive sounds of lead single “I Don’t Wanna”, tracks like “Ginger”, “Jealousy”, and “Nkwa” are laid on a bed of hip-moving beats that underscore their Igbo heritage. Filled with a positive energy from the offset, El’Vee begin to close out the project with two varying tracks. From the over-riding chemistry between a love interest in “Gimme Dat”, the girls slow it down before picking the pace back up in “Body Talk”. With the aim to solidify their names in the industry as reputable Afrobeat’s musicians alongside unravelling authentic and diverse African sounds, El’Vee are ready to ignite a storm!

When asked about the meaning behind the project El’Vee commented, “‘U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)’ is a celebration of Africa, its rhythms and the empowerment that encompasses our continent. It’s also a project that reflects our liberation as women, with the intentionality to express our femininity and sexuality” they explained. “This EP was recorded at a very agonizing time of our lives, whilst planning a funeral, having experienced grief through the loss of our father. The sheer fact that we were able to pour our hearts into this amazing project, emphasizes everything Afrobeat and this EP signifies. A genre that represents hope and perseverance. Each song on this project, takes us on a journey, whilst highlighting our heritage as Nigerian British musicians.”

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Following their explosive debut back in 2013 with “Oga Pata Pata” alongside no other than Don Jazzy, the twin sister duo has since built a following otherwise known as the “El’Veellains” who have been eagerly awaiting their next drop. Now based in the UK, you may recognize the pair from the music videos of “Enter the Place” and “Dance For Me”. Both Lillian and Vivian worked as part of an entertainment company called Coko Bar London, which was instrumental in putting Afrobeats on the map in the diaspora. Now sharing their EP, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from El’Vee!

El’Vee’s ‘U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms)’ EP is also available now to stream and cop on all major DSPs