@ElliottNiezel Brings The 'Dark Vibes' For Halloween

@ElliottNiezel Brings The 'Dark Vibes' For Halloween

'Dark Vibes the EP'. Darker than a lava tunnel. Vibing like a muthafucka. Take your shawty out in the Coupe De Ville, put your ski masks on, & run that check up. Flex with your bruhs in the backstreets while you smashing a bitch head to this. Kill someone tonight, for goodness sake spill some blood for its only right on Halloween night.

'Dark Vibes' was conceived from the beat tape produced by Bobby Knvckles (of Bass Cartel) with the same title. Flipped & dipped by Mr. Niezel in a single 4-hour studio session which took place deep in Hades...Listen close!!!

Written & performed by Elliott Niezel
Produced by Bobby Knvckles
Recorded in Hell
Mixed & mastered by RawhouseBeats


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