Elijah Blake “Company” (Audio)

Elijah Blake “Company” (Audio)

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Elijah Blake releases his new single, “Company”, from his new album, ‘elijah.’, which is set to release August 2.

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Elijah Blake releases his new single, “Company”, today on all major digital streaming platforms via MNRK Music Group.

Produced by Cmillz and Elijha, this sultry and dynamic track explores the complexities of a relationship on the edge, showcasing Blake’s emotional depth and musical versatility.

“Company” is the third single from Elijah’s upcoming album ‘elijah.’, set to drop on August 2.

The album also features production by Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Warryn Campbell, Jon Jon, Roark, Kxhris (Kyle Coleman), and Nellz.

‘elijah.’ promises to be a bold and innovative project, building on the success of his previous singles “Ghostbuster” and “Sugarwater & Lime”.

Both tracks have received great support from fans, with “Ghostbuster” featuring a hauntingly beautiful music video that captivated audiences and demonstrated Blake’s prowess as a visual storyteller.

As Elijah Blake continues to push the boundaries of R&B and soul, fans can note that this is his most personal and transformative work to date.

Elijah Blake “Company” (Audio)

elijah.‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Rainberry Woods
  2. Ghostbuster
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Westside Story
  5. Sugarwater & Lime
  6. Is Everybody OK?
  7. Call Me When You Get There
  8. Best Friend
  9. Father Abraham
  10. Company
  11. Magic Moments
  12. Nobu

The album is currently available for pre-add/pre-order/pre-save on all major digital streaming platforms today.

Elijah Blake’s illustrious career includes writing hits for industry giants such as Usher (“Climax“), Rihanna (“No Love Allowed“), Justin Bieber (“I Would“), and Rick Ross (“Presidential“).

His recent collaboration on Maeta’s chart-topping single, “Through The Night”, further solidifies his reputation as a prolific and influential songwriter.

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