Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop Arrested In Atlanta

Eligio "Nature Boy" Bishop Arrested In Atlanta

Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop arrested in Atlanta after late-night raid.

The story of Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop is an interesting one.

It’s not a secret that he started a cult (let’s say it for what it is) that has gone through so many names (Melanation being one of them) with the recent name being Carbon Nation.

But what we want to focus on is his arrest history (as we are noticing a pattern here), starting with his recent arrest in Atlanta courtesy of WSB-TV

With this arrest came charges of rape, false imprisonment, sharing sexually explicit content on social media, and other charges you can find below courtesy of YouTuber, Let Me See Your Transcript

Going back to as early as 2017 (it goes back further than this but we’re starting here), Nature Boy was arrested in Costa Rica before being deported.

A few years later, he would be arrested in Mexico then Nicaragua then Hawaii.

There would be a few other countries he would get arrested in and deported from in-between 2017 and now.

This recent arrest in Atlanta might be the one that brings Nature Boy down for good keeping his charges in mind.

As of the time of this article, Nature Boy is currently being held without bond.

He has since reached out to his Carbon Nation via phone and you can give that footage a listen below…

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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