ElCamino x Chase Fetti Drop ‘Bethlehem’ EP + ‘Josh Allen’ Video

ElCamino x Chase Fetti Drop ‘Bethlehem’ EP + ‘Josh Allen’ Video

The survivor of a tumultuous upbringing and various stints in jail, ElCamino creates art that is adjacent to the life he has led, survived and as he evolves—strives to leave behind.

ElCamino’s versatility sets him apart from his peers. Lyrically, he is capable of painting bleak tales and violent escapades, but also deft at seamlessly shifting styles mid-verse to highlight his soulful and moody singing voice. Both of these attributes create exhilarating musical highs.

The last two-years have both been extremely trying for ElCamino from a personal perspective, as he has had to persevere and deal with significant loss, as both his younger sister and brother passed away. Weathering that trauma has helped shape a new outlook on his life, and music.

Camino’s new project, ‘Bethlehem’, with rising spitta Chase Fetti is now available at all DSPs. In addition, the duo also released a new visual for the EP’s lead single, “Josh Allen”.

You can now purchase, add, & favorite ElCamino x Chase Fetti’s ‘Bethlehem’ EP at your preferred DSP