ElCamino feat. 38 Spesh “Money In The Mattress” (Audio)

ElCamino feat. 38 Spesh “Money In The Mattress” (Audio)

ElCamino's versatility sets him apart from his peers.

Lyrically, he is capable of painting bleak tales and violent escapades, but also deft at seamlessly shifting styles mid-verse to highlight his soulful and moody singing voice.

Both of these attributes create exhilarating musical highs.

Those musical highs have created runway for Camino to do his thing on numerous bug stages over the last few years, as he added his versatility to a litany of high-profile projects, including; Boldy James & The Alchemist’s 'The Price Of Tea In China Deluxe' (2020), Westside Gunn’s Shady Records debut 'Who Made The Sunshine' (2020), Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud’s 'Eat When You’re Hungry Sleep When You’re Tired' (2020), Boldy James' 'The Versace Tape' (2020), Benny The Butcher’s "Pyrex Picasso" (2021) & 'Trust The Soprano’s' (2021), Conway The Machine’s 'La Maquina' (2021), and Griselda’s 'Conflicted Motion Picture Soundtrack' (2021).

Already this year, Camino has released a collaborative project with Chase Fetti, 'Bethlehem', and his solo drop 'Let There Be Light'.

Now, Camino has announced his new project, 'ElCamino 3', which will be released on 6.24.2022!!!

'ElCamino 3' features production and guest appearances from Jay Worthy, Harry Fraud, 38 Spesh, A$AP Ant, Camouflage Monk, and CeeGee.

In addition to the new project announcement, Camino released a new single, “Money In The Mattress”, which features 38 Spesh and is produced by Harry Fraud.

ElCamino's 'ElCamino 3' album will be released on 6.24.2022!!!

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