Editorial: #YoungBuck Blames #SnoopDogg For Failing Drug Test

Editorial: #YoungBuck Blames #SnoopDogg For Failing Drug Test

Young Buck might be facing more jail time because he supplied fake urine for his mandatory drug test last week.

TMZ is reporting that the G-Unit rapper tried to use synthetic urine, but failed when his probation officer caught him using the contraption. At first, he tried to use the second-hand smoke excuse when the results showed he tested positive for marijuana. That also failed miserably.

Later, Buck admitted that he had a smoking session with Snoop Dogg. Now, a judge will determine if he violated his probation and if he has to go back to jail.

Buck’s career has been on the rise since his release from prison in 2013. He’s back with G-Unit again and releasing a monthly mixtape as part of his '10-A-Key' series. The next is '10 Bricks', dropping this Friday.

On top of that, he has passed all 21 of his mandatory drug tests until now. Hopefully, Buck can beat this one.

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