Editorial: Welcome Home Beanie Sigel!!! #BeanieSigelBack

Editorial: Welcome Home Beanie Sigel!!! #BeanieSigelBack 1

The Bully is back on Broad St. Earlier today (August 14th), Beanie Sigel was released from Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia after serving under a year and a half for drug possession.

Beanie Sigel was sentenced to prison for six to 23 months on March 6th, 2013, less than seven months after he was arrested by police whom discovered prescription drugs in his car. Back in March 2013, Judge Michael Coll did not specify if Sigel’s drug possession sentence would run concurrent with his two year federal tax evasion sentence. Sigel was given his two year tax evasion sentence on July 12th, 2012 a month and a half before he was arrested for prescription drugs.

DJ Drama posted a picture on his personal Instagram account of the newly freed Beanie Sigel…Check out the photo below:

Beanie Sigel Back (DJ Drama Instagram) [Photo Artwork]

News source courtesy of AllHipHop!!!