Editorial: VDN's (@VannDigital) Artists 2 Watch 2014 [May Edition]

Editorial: VDN's (@VannDigital) Artists 2 Watch 2014 [May Edition]

"VDN's Artists 2 Watch" is a column that we started some time last year but was stopped for some reason. But as of right now, "VDN's Artists 2 Watch" has been resurrected & we will try to keep you posted with new editions every month.

We will also try to keep this column updated in the form of "VDN's Artists 2 Watch" articles & 'VDN's Artists 2 Watch: The EP' (in which both will contain 4 tracks from 4 artists) monthly as well as 'VDN's Artists 2 Watch: The Album' every year.

NYC rapper Liric has been a regular on VannDigital.com since 2011 & he is not 1 you should sleep on. His latest track "Child's Play Remix (featuring Felix Morton & Oshea)" is a good display of his talents.

Switzerland rapper Juellz comes with a sound you would not expect from a foreign rapper. After hearing him spit, most listeners would believe he was from the States. His latest track "Half Full (featuring Miss Amy & Loyal)" will back up my claims.

Gift Colyer:
Mississippi R&B singer Gift Colyer comes with a Creole-inspired style of singing. Being raised up in a smooth culture of music has also helped shape Colyer's musical sound. Hear Colyer pour his vocals out on the DJ Mustard-esque track "Real Hitta".

JimMi DaxX:
JimMi DaxX is 1 of many rappers from Tha A that fall into the category of "the type of artist you don't see everyday". DaxX comes with an alternative rap style that sets himself apart from more popular ATL rappers that you might hear via mainstream media outlets. Evidence of this can be found on his latest track "Indigo Green".