Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘Verbal sWARdz’ By Iron @Braydz

At first, just over a glance of Iron Braydz’s name, you would think that this man must be the biggest struggle rapper. Like who has braids in this day and age and raps? But fortunately, Braydz takes his rapping ability very serious and presents a well thought out and cohesive project with a sound that is uncommon in today’s age, First though, a little background story on Iron Braydz. Raised in Harlesden, North West London, Iron Braydz has long been considered one of the UK’s most skilled hip hop MC’s with a delivery & flow that demonstrates a superior level of wordplay and lyricism. He gets a lot of his influence from early Wu-Tang, Immortal Technique, dead prez, and Public Enemy. His music is full of boom bap but not the annoying kind. The passionate cuts and old school sound fit perfectly for the project.

Braydz immediately goes off with the record “Dredd“, really showcasing his ability to write strong. He gives his listeners stone cold bars with a flow that is unique to Braydz himself. “Verbal sWARdz” & “Scorpion Sting” fits the same structure, relaying a specific message that the streets can appreciate. You can tell that he has done his research in the music that came before his time.

The next section of the project begins with “Rambo” & “Rambo Relapse“. This was the part of the project where I didn’t want to play it anymore. Both songs are the same beat with different verses…each song adding up to almost 10 minutes of the same production. At this point you can tell that either he fell off with the availability of beats or he had a concept. But I was unable to grasp the concept. These were skip tracks.The rest of the project had a variety of different beats. They held the same intensity for verses all throughout…showing that Braydz is able to hold it down.

This was an enjoyable listen, but if you aren’t a fan of boom bap (like me) you won’t like it. I was able to step out of my comfort zone & enjoy it though…so take that what it’s worth. Check out Iron Braydz’sVerbal sWARdz‘ EP on April 14th.

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