Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘Trippy Circus’ By Midnight Society (@MidnightMembers)

Album: Midnight Society (@MidnightMembers) » Trippy Circus

I always explain to people who don’t know the world of blogging that blogging involves a lot of persistence & writing. Most of the time, people ask for reviews on their album but their material sounds like they are making beats on Tonka trucks & cereal boxes. But every so often, I get blessed by VannDigital to actually enjoy a project submission. In this case, it’d be Midnight Society’s album ‘Trippy Circus‘.

I don’t know much about the group, but according to their Facebook bio:

“Never before has such a group of musicians existed. Midnight Society a colorful coalition of young people with an intense amount of talent & appreciation for their art. With their nostalgic blend of Hip-Hop & R&B music, the band speaks on the world as they see it while taking creative control of nearly every stage of production. Members of the band include Henry Stuart, Jay Jetsin, Crown Julz, & SaGa.”

Apart from the corniness of the aforementioned bio, this collective surprisingly sounds terrific together. They aren’t for people who enjoy lyrical miracles in ya swimming pool, but instead appeal to a wider audience by combining a fusion of jazz, R&B, & hip-hop into their project. I see a lot of influence from The Roots in this project, from the nice synth leads & pads to the entrancing drums. Whoever their producer is, kudos to you pal. There wasn’t a song on here that I was not jamming to.

Congratulations Midnight Society!!! You’ve officially broke the wall of disappointment I’ve had with reviewing albums. You get a big thumbs up & expect me to listen to your music faithfully.

If you haven’t listened to the project, then you’re slipping…Check it out here on VannDigital.com!!!

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