Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘Timing Is Everything’ By @KidVishis

Editorials: @VannDigital Reviews 'Timing Is Everything' By @KidVishis

As soon as I received this project from Kid Vishis to review, I was extremely excited. I’ve heard of the young kid before through Royce Da 5’9 & his work. With such backing, I expected nothing less than absolute fire. Thankfully, that’s what I got with this project. ‘Timing Is Everything‘ is actually a collective sum of good bars & good beats, which is something very difficult to emulate in these days of modern rap & trash. Fortunately, the Kid went above & beyond to deliver a cohesive message: “I got bars & you’re going to receive this work.”

The project starts with the self titled track “Timing Is Everything” & is a good wrap-up of what’s to come with the project. It’s like ‘The Bar Exam‘ but far from it at the same time. The Kid is able to emulate his words & consistently stay on flow which is something that I don’t hear too often. The subsequent records all emulate the same message, just baring out every chance he gets. My favorite record is actually “Coward“, the last record featuring Royce Da 5’9 because both the Kid & his brother sound so well on a record together. Their chemistry is immaculate.

It does me no justice to tell you not to listen to this project…So cop it below on iTunes…It’s a hell of a buy!!!

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