Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews 'The Guide To Growth & Development' By Rey Stackz (@RealReyStackz)

MP3: Rey Stackz (@RealReyStackz) » Awake [Prod. @_Backdraft_]

I've had the opportunity of examining Rey Stackz music before & generally, I don't really mess with the type of music that he makes. However, after looking at his most recent drop, 'The Guide To Growth & Development′, I've noticed that he's made big improvements & moves within his music that showcase the caliber of what he could become.

Rey Stackz combines a certain level of lyricism with his music & focuses on riding the beat (pause) elegantly to behoove his listeners. With records like "Sweet2Sour" & "Optimistic", Stackz shows his versatility to make a hardcore body bag barred out song & then switch back to something I consider "weirdo rap", in a good way though. Something else to be noted is Stackz transitions along the project. The project flows smoothly around, adding to the careful thought Rey put into the arrangement of the records. He arranged it so that the listener can encapsulate themselves in his world...a hard feat for any artist to accomplish.

Stackz is another player in the game who actually puts out dope music...Congrats on the release...You've gotten a new fan!!!