Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘S.I.N. (#SuccessIsNecessary)’ By L Jay (@LJay_EME)

Editorials: @VannDigital Reviews 'S.I.N. (#SuccessIsNecessary)' By L Jay (@LJay_EME)

L Jay is an artist I’ve had the pleasure to hearing before & when I received the announcement that he was putting out a project I was sincerely happy. Unfortunately, I felt as if L Jay did not come hard enough on this project. With a title named ‘S.I.N. (Success Is Necessary)‘, I expected to hear many tales from the lows & highs of life & while there is some trickled over the project, there wasn’t any that substantiated a download from this project.

Usually something that doesn’t agree with me is the tracklisting of certain projects. However, I feel that this project itself didn’t even need a track list because it was ridiculously unsequenced. But that couldn’t be saved based on the songs alone, because the songs themselves had no substance to them. I consider the filler tracks (that were hopefully put as filler like “Twerk It” & “It’s Going Down“) as absolute garbage that was made just to have “turn up” tracks.

On the records that weren’t “high energy“, Jay actually held his own & kept the smooth records consistent. This is the L Jay that people need to see grow & develop. His wordplay & lyrical prowess are not all that but they are enough see development later in his career. On a separate note, get a better mic as well. The quality of your vocals matters in the end.

Overall, I would play this project once & never hear it again. Use this opportunity to grow L Jay. Also don’t have features on your next project. I want to hear more of you.

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