Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews 'Righteous Fury' By Matt Maddox (@MattMaddox82)

MP3: Matt Maddox (@MattMaddox82) feat. @TragedyKhadafi » Street Art [@Skammadix @DJTMB]

There is a certain type of sound that you get when you hear any music that stems from Matt Maddox. Imagine early 90s Cypress Hill type shit; that gritty underground shit. That's what you get when you hear Matt Maddox. In a dying genre, that's a good thing. Being a pioneer allows the genre to continue on.Being the type of person I am, I can't go too long listening to a project with the same sound. The first part of this project is simply the presentation. Let's start with the cover.

I've given plenty of advice to up and coming artists...the cover is the first presentation you're going to give to your listeners. The cover for this project seems really dope until it gets to the text. It looks tacky and unprofessional. At this point, I hoped that the music would save the project. I was surprised that I was right.

Maybe it's a bit of personal preference, but Matt Maddox contains too much of the same sound. Take case in point on the record "Street Art" (which features Tragedy Khadafi with Skammadix on the boards & TMB with the cuts). The record starts off really good, with an old school sample and the boom bap drums. But this track sounds too similar to other tracks. Granted that he probably wanted to keep a certain sound but having too much is overload. It is like listening to too much DJ Premier. I can't get jiggy with this shit.

Unfortunately, I just could not get past the fact that it was too much boom bap. It was distracting enough to take away from the messages (or lack of...I could not follow any story or message except spitting bars). If you're a 90's hip-hop fan you'll throughly enjoy this project...unless you listen to the early greats because I can't see this going too far. Keep up the grind though. I'm one reviewer out of many. Pre-order the project on iTunes!!!