Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews 'OPVS' By The Black Label (@TheBlkLbl)

Editorials: @VannDigital Reviews 'OPVS' By The Black Label (@TheBlkLbl)

VannDigital handed me a...unique project this time around. I’m going to keep this review really short simply because of the practicality of this project. First a little bit about this musical experience. This project is called 'OPVS' & it is a collective project that involves a lot of different artists called The Black Label. Each person has a unique voice & good persona on the records. The production sounds good as well, with the producers really bringing out sounds that are not typical with the production of today’s time. I’d compare them to a 90s tone. There are different sounds going on at once, including a blend of southern rap, rock, & rhythmic rap. These are all the facts that I’d like to start this review with.

Now comes the actualities of the project. Each person after the first couple of listens begin to sound bland. Now from a technical standpoint, each artist has that personal picture painted accurately by their lyrics; they have the ability to actually rap. What falls shorts is their ability to provide an actual enjoyable listening experience with the content of their music. I’m not going to say that they are 100% believable because that wouldn’t be true. But I feel as if some different production and subject content can save the entire Black Label from being swept in the underground. The last point I’d like to make about this entire project is that the blending of the different genres don’t really work for me. But I guess you can attribute that to personal differences with the genres. I understand paying homage to that which influenced you, but perhaps a different audience has to have the ears to appreciate the sounds.

All in all, this project doesn’t do much for me. I know there will be people who can vibe to this kind of music. I just recommend that further exploration & uniqueness be kept to a range of actual enjoyment.