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Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘Hidden In Plain Sight: Vox Maximus, Vol.1’ By @Naturally7

2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year for music. With all the different releases that are slated to come out this year, 2015 seems to be the year where musicians are pushing themselves to push the envelope of what they are able to create. I am proud to present a project that I deeply enjoyed for multiple reasons. I hope I can convey what I loved about this project to you, the reader, because Naturally 7 is dope as heck.

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room, yes they are an a capella group by nature. However, it is how they use their voices that is simply amazing!!! Each of their unique voices are used as an actually instrument (think beat-boxing with melodic influences). Basses, harmonic angelic voices, & more are all covered within Naturally 7’s musical repertoire. It’s actually a fun task to try & identify what falls into the actual instrumentation & the genius mixing of their voices. Continuously throughout the project, I spent a lot of time also trying to identify what mixing techniques the engineers used to work. That’s the mixing geek in me.

Now, at first, I had to take this project very seriously simply due to my reviewing nature. However, as I was critiquing in my arguably difficult criteria, I realized that this project was not meant to be taken seriously in terms of storytelling & lyrical ability. Rather, this is a project to just enjoy, as it shows off the artist’s/band’s ability to simply create feel good music. Their singing ability is top-notch & lyric writing are at a high caliber. I found myself singing these songs well after the review was over…which brings me to my final point. Sometimes music does not need to be objectively reviewed, rather sometimes there is music that is meant to be enjoyed for the purpose of contentment. I’d put Naturally 7’s ‘Hidden In Plain Sight: Vox Maximus, Vol.1’ in that category. Keep up the good work everyone.

By the way…I love the chants from famous songs that are scattered throughout the project…including a commendable nod to Halo the video game, one of my favorites, Track 6!!!

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