Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘F.A.N.G. Chapter 2’ By F.A.N.G. Gang

Editorials: @VannDigital Reviews 'F.A.N.G. Chapter 2' By F.A.N.G. Gang

There are a few reasons why I specialize in reviewing hip-hop. Hip-hop keeps people off the streets & being from Los Angeles, that’s a terrific idea & almost a blessing. At the same time though, this creates an over saturation of music, most of which is pretty terrible. When Vann sent me some new material to review & he told me it was from a group of people, I had a lot of doubts. But more on that later. Let me introduce ‘F.A.N.G Chapter 2‘. F.A.N.G. Gang is made up of a bunch of different artists, some of which are MC’s & others are producers. They are a group of people who came together to make music. But is it good???

Let me first start off with the production. It was very simplistic & almost too amateurish but this did not take away from the talent of the MC’s. The beats were fitting for the people rapping over them; a perfect example of how people can use simplistic rhythms & still flow over them without being too boring. It features production from Flame & Machia and personally I wouldn’t mind staying tuned to their development as producers.

The overall presentation of the project was not as beautiful as I would have hoped. Their graphics are too basic & are not really inviting for the listener. In this industry, you have to prepare for all areas, including your graphics division. I highly recommend for you guys to go out & find professional graphics, designs, & marketing in order to get yourself to that professional level.

The last part of this project deals with the rapping. Like every hip-hop project, there are good things & bad things. The good things about this project vocally…it’s difficult to pinpoint. Each of the artists have a vocal presence that people take years to develop. This is very important in artist development & they are ahead of the competition. BUT that doesn’t excuse the terrible quality of some of the records. No project is complete without professional quality mixing. Get that done & you might have a better project but unfortunately I can’t give this project more then one listen. The lyrics could be executed better & there’s always room for growth.

Overall not a good listening project. Too many different mistakes made. But there’s always room to improve, which is good in this industry.

Check their project out here.

Also beware for the real FANG. They might get you with those copyright claims.