Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘Don’t Judge Me’ By @HalfMileHome

Editorials: @VannDigital Reviews 'Don’t Judge Me' By @HalfMileHome

I swear that writing for VannDigital.com becomes more interesting with every review that the bossman sends me. With that being said, this is my second (I believe) gospel album I’ve ever reviewed so my deepest apologies if I get some terminology wrong. For this review, I will be looking at Half Mile Home’s album called ‘Don’t Judge Me‘.

First off, a bit about Half Mile Home: Three members are involved within the group & are based out of Ohio. Each individual member brings key components to the dualities of the projects, with Terence Burton on the drums/lead vocalist, Todd Burton as a pianist/producer, & Darryl Brownlee on lead vocals/guitars. Each person brings forth their prominence in each song, allowing a sense of comradery to be felt within each song. Being that I’ve reviewed groups before, this is a key element in all music that comes from groups; I have to feel that the music was made in a group setting. It entices the listener to learn more about the artists & see their forward development so I’m glad that Half Mile Home hit that mark well.

Objectively looking at their music, the production sounds so crisp & genuine, you can tell it was made in a professional recording environment. The type of high quality & fidelity really makes me grow deeply within the music. Some might question my reaction to such work as weird & unwarranted but you’d be surprised as to the amount of submissions VannDigital.com gets. The production sounds lush & live. Chalk up another accolade to Half Mile Home for getting their sound very professional.

The last point I want to make is that Half Mile Home hits the nail on the coffin when exploring different sound barriers. Their music & tonality sounds so good that it’s a bit hard for me to determine whether to tell the readers. Take my word for it, the subject matter, although typical of the gospel genre, is utilized in such a way it just takes you into a whirlwind of beautiful music. Check out Half Mile Home’s album on their SoundCloud when it comes out officially.

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