Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘The Crisis’ By Monte SS (@MonteSSYes)

Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews 'The Crisis' By Monte SS (@MonteSSYes)

Whenever I get some material from Vann Digital to review, I always do a background check on the projects and the artists. Off top, Monte SS seems like an established artist who is passionate about his craft. Being from Detroit, it’s clear that Monte SS has an understanding of the struggles that his city is undergoing, historically and currently. I respect that and the message he is trying to spread. I had the chance to check out his upcoming project Crisis recently. Even though I understand the message, as a musical project, it simply wasn’t good enough for me.

Overall, the production was what threw me off. You can tell that Monte SS was trying to go with a specific sound but I personally thought it didn’t fit him. The instrumentation was very loud and performance based, which is good for specific types of music and artists to go over them. Monte wasn’t able to hold his own and the production beat him down consistently on every record. It was the wrong choice of beats to explain the struggles of himself and Detroit.

In terms of his vocal ability, Monte seems to have a calm cadence, which can be good in most cases. In this case, Monte sticks to his formula which brings down his project. He did not show any versatility as an artist in terms of grabbing the listeners attention. There were no memorable lines, quotes, or songs that I could even bring up to demonstrate his ability other than the record Lie To Me. Here he presented the vibes that he’s good with, emotional and hardy rap.

Monte does have a lot of positive things going for him. Compared to the garbage music that I receive in my inbox, Monte has the quality and talent of a passionate rapper, someone, who with careful planning and experience, can come out of the rap game and have a positive impact in society. However, I believe that all he needs to do is hone down and focus on what he is good at. Find the production that matches your vocal ability and build your image off that alone. Stay up though and keep grinding. You’re in a better position then most.